Aperio Basics: Installing Aperio

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Aperio is cross platform and can run on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

To run it, you’ll need to install Docker. If you’re using Windows, leave the container type as Linux in the installer.

If you’re running on Linux, you’ll also need to install Docker Compose. If you’re using Windows or Mac, you can skip this step.

Download the docker-compose.yml file that will tell Docker how to run our application here.

Once you’ve installed Docker, navigate to the directory containing the docker-compose.yml and run the following command from your terminal of choice.

docker-compose up

The first time this runs it will take a few minutes to download the necessary images. Once it’s done, you should be able to navigate to http://localhost:8080 and see the fuzzer summary page.

If this all worked, you’re ready to proceed to picking a target.

If you ran into problems, please contact me at max@aperiosecurity.com for support. This is a new project, so there are still a lot of issues to work through!